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PAR Widget

Arthur Cantu

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The permissions and manager improvements for PARs is great. But I still find that needing AdminCP access is a lot of extra steps for some requests. I'd like to suggest having a widget with editable options, for displaying PARs on the front end. Doesn't need to be managed, but only visible. 

Options could be by PAR type (only show TPRs, only show Discharges, or show all) filter by date (PAR's from past 30 days) and filter by status (submitted, oh hold, approved, or all)

This would allow more control over who can see the PARs, without having to grant adminCP access. We have TPRs in our case where fireteam leader's need to see them, but that is literally the only thing they need, for them to be visible. Also this gives ability for senior leadership to view the requests at a glance without having to access adminCP. Example, I browse to unread content, can see if anything needs my attention from the forums, and then also in the side bar I can see if there are any PARs needing attention as well. 

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