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PERSCOM 1.1.2 Released

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A jam packed update has been released for PERSCOM! Check out the changelog below to see whats been updated! All the updates are at the request of our users! Keep the suggestions coming! We want this application to be about you!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There has been a huge update to the back end on how our object models are handled (Soldier, Rank, Record etc.) What this translates to is, almost every template file has been updated to reflect these changes. If you customized any PERSCOM templates, you need to revert your changes back to PERSCOM or YOU WILL experience massive errors. This doesn't mean you can't customize your template files, but you need to start from the original file and reapply your edits.


  • You can now hide a users email on their personnel file through the personnel settings.
  • Service, Combat and Assignment records search has been upgraded and is more powerful. Searching will now search through the record text as well.
  • When editing a promotion, demotion, or award, you can now edit the service record text as well.
  • You can now process multiple promotions, demotions and awards at once through the "Add Service Record" form.
  • You can now assign group permissions to a personnel action request form and select which group can manage submissions of that form.
  • A fully integrated applicant/recruiter interface that allows you to interact with your applicant on a personal level. All application notes/updates can be posted to the forum topic as well.


  • The Activity Tracker and Personnel Action Request menu links have been moved around in the ACP. They are now their own individual modules which will allow for expansion in the future.
  • Assignment, Combat and Service records have also been confined to one module which has also caused them their menu links to be arranged under a single Records tab.
  • Assignment Record search bug has been fixed.
  • There is no more "batch" operations for service and combat records. When you click the Add Service Record/Combat Record, you can either select one soldier or multiple.
  • Template updates

Deschutes Design Group LLC
email | jon@deschutesdesigngroup.com

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Building relational databases can be difficult. If you take a look at a soldier row in your perscom_personnel data, you'll see almost every column contains no data, but an integer ID pointer to another DB table. Before this update, the soldier object had an custom load statement that used several DB table JOIN methods to fetch all the data for the object. This worked well, but behind the scenes, I had to call a load on every object I wanted to update (Rank/Unit/Position etc.) Fast forward, the soldier object, as well as most other objects contains custom getters/setters for each property so when I call $soldier->rank in the background, I get the actually rank object where I can perform actions on it, not just an array of data. Hope this makes sense.


Now to get a soldiers rank, it will be:


Or their abbreviation:


Or combat unit:



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Deschutes Design Group LLC
email | jon@deschutesdesigngroup.com

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