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Enlistment center disabled

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Do you mean it is enabled in menu manager?

Permissions should be set automatically so that only non-soldiers can access the enlistment page or view the menu item. If you want current soldiers to be able to view the link (not sure why since they don't need to submit another application) you would need to change the permissions.

If you want to test the permissions for non soldiers, you can login to an account that is non-soldier or you can view as guest.

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I was able to correct this.. Seems like an error with recognizing admin in CP.

Delete your soldier record (for the admin account)... Like Jon said earlier, permissions wont allow active soldiers to re-apply.  I tried actually changing this in the application settings but to no success.

After deleting the admin soldier record, you can then re-add the enlistment center link.  Alternate solution is to link the start application directly but that seems silly.


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Interesting. I think I know what’s going on now. There’s a function inside each menu link that determines if it should available. I have them automatically set up to show/hide based on your current soldier status and whether your a civilian or not. It seems it is reading that enabled function when in the ACP menu manager as well. That seem dumb as the links don’t mean anything in the ACP. 

What I’ll do is edit this enables function to always return true when in the ACP but let it do it’s deciding when on the front end. If this the case, then yes, Benalitys work around will work in the mean time. An easier workaround would be to just set your soldier profile status to the status you have set as your civilian group under discharge settings. PERSCOM will then treat you as a civilian and you can edit the menu. 

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