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Suggestions for Standalone PersCom


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Good Day,

We are currently looking into the standalone version of PersCom and there are a few things that we found missing possibly.

We would like to kind of use it as a type of record keeping for the promotions, awards etc. for our organization but only have a small amount of people to have access to it.

So my question would be if it's possible to implement NPC soldiers basically that have no actual account behind it but just the file itself.

And maybe as a small addition make it possible to delete profile pictures and banners.

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Hello, yes, we can add a disable the account access side of a profile, essentially just making it a profile that is unable to log in. We are also working on ability to disable registration and have admin approved registrations. 

As for the profile images, yes, we are working on this as well. 

Deschutes Design Group LLC
email | jon@deschutesdesigngroup.com

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