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Soldier Supervisor Selection

Arthur Cantu

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Would be beneficial to have a different sort method for Supervisor selection. Currently sorts by ID and with a lot of soldiers will be hard to find the specific one. Sort by last name would probably be better. (Enlistment app process, edit soldier)

Also add supervisor selection to New Assignment Record as transfers will often include a change in leadership.

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I would even suggest having a way to tie it to a group. Like if you're assigned to, for example: 1st Squad, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, it would default to that Squad Leader. Is this possible? Or would that require the code to be changed to accommodate each unit having an appointed leader in the system? Or is there a way to build this feature in? 

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Similar to administrative units, how about assigning a NCOIC/OIC to that unit and then when you are assigned to that unit, your supervisor is automatically changed? I would of course also create a setting to switch between auto set supervisors and manually set supervisors.

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