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Standalone - initial thoughts


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Good evening Jon, hope all is well. 

Upon receiving your email about starting a standalone beta, I couldn't resist. We are still in a desperate need to maintain a PERSCOM system without having to fork over thousands up-front, and we absolutely refuse to use Invision... so that email came as a welcomed surprise.

We will participate in your beta and hope to contribute to something amazing. We will start off small with only a few dozen cadet registrants this month, then a few hundred in the coming months ...

Here are my initial thoughts for your notes: 

  1. Upon members logging in, they can see admin access points such as “create a personnel profile.” While they cannot do anything, this may entice some of our more tech-savvy cadets to give us an impromptu pentest.
  2. Is there a way to be a bit more customizable? For instance, in Personnel File under Assignment, there’s Position, Speciality and Unit. We’d like to change the word usage or include custom rows altogether, not limited to just those 3.
  3. In the main dashboard, customizable widgets would be nice, or a way to create a portal of sorts for regular users. I’m sure something like this is already being worked on.
  4. Allow for members to submit requests for promotions, awards, ribbons. This would give our users the opportunity to be responsible for keeping track of their own progress. The form they fill out should be customizable on the admin side, so that we can ask questions and they can check it off (I.e., “Did you pass the course?”) and an upload certificates option. A dark shadow on my shoulder is whispering that this is already possible, I just don’t know how to do it yet.
  5. When users are notified of an update to their records/rank via the bell, they can click on it and be drawn to the service record update and choose to upload new attachments. Please disable, they don’t need to upload anything (or provide it as a revokable permission).
  6. There also appears to be no place to view service records for users, other than the bell notifications icon.
  7. What’s Forms > Submissions for?
  8. Creating an API is automatically revoked, idk what that means
  9. Rank doesn’t appear to show the icon image
  10. Fun idea:  PERSCOM pulling data to generate or acquire a “gamer signature” on Discord via a /rank command to showcase user ranks, awards (ribbons/badge symbols), years on board, etc. Revive the forum nostalgia.

As always, thank you for your hard work. 

- Michael

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I would like to chime in on some features. As you are building this out a couple of things that I have noticed from the invision perscom and the stand alone that i would love to see come over:

1) MOS designations
2) Possible Administrative assignment sections

I would like to know more about how to use the API keys to post on my website to have people log in from the site and see their service record on the website and not have to log into the perscom dashboard.

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