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PERSCOM Open Source Development with Game Data


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With 100% Transparency, the learning curve for this application was hard for me and without a direction for open source to custom tailor to our community and add more relevant data points from the video games we play there is little incentive to stay on subscription. 

For me and my situation, an RMS is becoming crucial as we head to more automations. As a team, I am not looking for more staff to manage apps and have "too many cooks in one kitchen"  but to automate many of the datasets apart of an RMS. Anything from recording kills, playtime and last online dates that can be retreived from using an API of the game our community is built around. An RMS at the end of the day that is easy to use and can become apart of our customer journey provided to players joining our community is one of our goals. Its possibly where this app can also retain a subscription based business model by even opening it up to retrieve/call on external APIs.

My site is heading in this direction to connect with all data a video game can provide for a unique interlaced experience outside of the video game. I can imagine communities will pivot to game data more, to record hours in game or show activity and more complex applications to yet be realized. 

As I understand right now PERSCOM is not open to connecting and adding game data fields with API's like https://developers.halodotapi.com/ | https://autocode.com/halo/api/infinite/ should PERSCOM become open source it could open the doors for many other applications and broaden its audience. 

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On 8/14/2022 at 8:14 PM, Jon Erickson said:

@ShawnJPN, are you referring to the Invision app or our new cloud product? Thanks.

while this may be a old post i would still like a answer to this as well but in regards to the new PERSCOM.IO

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47 minutes ago, Shadow Wing said:

while this may be a old post i would still like a answer to this as well but in regards to the new PERSCOM.IO

Many of these things, if not all, can be implemented using a web automation tool such as Zapier. Our API allows you to do virtually anything. Build your automations out in Zapier and you’ll have everything you’ve asked for. 

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