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Administration Personnel Assignment

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Hello there.

So i have a small suggestion that i and maybe others would like to see....
right now i am going to get PERSCOM in a few days again as i am going to create a unit again but one thing that bothers me with it is that when i give someone a administration function they can do it for the whole unit.

Example: I create a unit let say a battalion...
I create in it Alpha Company and Bravo Company....
the S1 Personnel OIC can manage all personnel files for the entire battalion....

i wish that i can assign for example 2 S1 Personnel NCOIC with 1 to each company....
Meaning NCO 1 is NCOIC for Alpha Company and so can only do administration for Alpha Company & its Squads.
While NCO 2 is NCOIC for Bravo Company and so can only do administration for Bravo Company & its Squads.

and that any S1 Personnel Administration member is set in the same way.....
ofc it should be that if i assign them to the battalion they can do the entire battalion meaning both Alpha and Bravo Company and the squads in them.

Reason asking for this is as i already experienced moments where i wanted to devide the Administration personnel in a past unit that grew large enough that having this would be benefitial to keep it organized and rather have multiple people administrate small portions of the unit then able to administrate it entirely.

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