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PESCOM 1.1.0 Released

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A big update to PERSCOM has been released! Check out the changelog to see whats new! Important, your custom fields WILL NOT transfer to the new update due to a massive backend API change. Although this is a small hurdle now, it will provide for greater return in the future! Trust us! Head on over to Downloads to get yourself a copy!


  • Added ACP restrictions to each CustomField model.
  • Expiration date now shows in license key settings.
  • You can now select a soldier's supervisor to insert into a Document.
  • Configure how many rows you want to return per page for service, combat and assignment records.
  • Change the Ranks page to sort how you desire.
  • Added Time In Service and Time In Grade length of service widget to soldier personnel file.
  • Applications can now be linked with existing personnel files in the case of re-enlistment. Also, when processing an application, a check will be run to make sure there are no personnel files linked to the member being processed. If so, it will force you to delete the existing personnel file or link the application to it. We cant have two personnel files linked to the same member ID.
  • Discharging is fully implemented. Select from a whole range of options on how you would like to process the discharge.


  • IPS/Member extension isSoldier() now takes into account your discharge status and unit settings. It will not return a soldier if there is a personnel file for the Member but their status or unit is set to the discharged status or unit.
  • Application update check now properly returns if there is an update to download.
  • Custom Fields have been separated out for Personnel Files, Applications and Personnel Action Requests. Unfortunately, all custom fields that have been implemented will be erased due to massive API changes in the backend.
  • You can now tell a Personnel Action Request Form to open in a new window rather than a modal window, especially if the form has many fields.
  • Create a Helpers source category and moved the Mobile and CustomField class.
  • Separated settings out to under the modules they belong to, to helpfully create better understanding.
  • Fixed a bug in the Soldier, Personnel Action Request Form and Application model that threw an error when formatting custom fields.
  • Loading an soldier who's supervisor is set to an invalid personnel file no longer throws an error, just returns an empty value.
  • The FileStorage extension has been fully implemented for each mode that uses it, including Custom Fields. Because of this you may experience upload files that dont behave properly. Please reupload them if a problem exists.
  • Weapon is no longer a required field.
  • Application Status and Enlistment navigation links now correctly display depending on the users application status or personnel file status.
  • Added Combat Unit Position to the Assignment Records table and removed the From Unit to better represent what was assigned.
  • Discharge grades in settings now properly return their saved data.

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email | jon@deschutesdesigngroup.com

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