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Enlistment Center / Promotion Points

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It would be really nice to be able to control every aspect of the enlistment form (without having to edit the file).  The first few options (Firstname, Lastname, Email, Location) I really don't have much use for.. I have most, if not all of that based on the member record for IPB.   Now, if the enlistment application also handled IPB registrations, that would be pretty cool.  But I think just making the enlistment application completely separate and 100% customizable is a better solution.

Promotion Point Automation:  Unless I am a missing something, promotion points have to be manually assigned to the soldier.  This means I have to go create another "tracker" to keep track of points from awards, service records, quals etc.  It would be nice to be able to assign a point value to those items so the promotion points are awarded accordingly.  

I know this opens a can of worms.  Because some communities will also want the ability to add arbitrary points based on different things.  Such as activity or participation in another event etc.  But I feel that the things that I can manage in PERSCOM should be all talking to one another. 

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