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Way to sort members on the roster

Will Reese

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Wait, then my roster will start with Colonel and all the officer ranks and have Pvt at the bottom of the page. Dosen't it make sense to start at Pvt on the roster and end at Col because most people are checking for the enlisted rank requirements not the warrant and officer ones?

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Correct, the sort order in the ranks display page will be the sort order of the soldiers in the personnel list. It's debatable what sort order is best, each unit will have its own methodology and logic. Some may find it more important to list it as a chain of command view with highest rank to lowest. Your idea also makes sense because you generally will have more PVTs than officers, so its easier for them to find their information at the top.  

It may be possible for @Jon Erickson to add a sort option on/for the ranks page, would be a nice addition.

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