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The user note system is great especially when hidden from the public. A great administrative tool. When I worked for MLG; we had an amazing personnel control panel for managing our staff. Something I have always wanted to replicate for use in clans/teams. This system is very similar and the user notes system could be modified slightly to incorporate one of the most important systems I feel is missing. The internal affairs.

The IA was a place for all audits (essentially notes) on an individual staff member. There were multiple types of audits: Interview, Training, Termination, Promotion, Assignment, Performance Review, etc. These were for the backend only. So that their managers/superiors could write the details surrounding each event both good and bad. The things you wouldn't want the public to see. Though you may see that they are no longer on staff or on the team but the IA contained the why.

So just a thought as to how the User Notes could be expanded a little within PERSCOM.

  • Search User Notes by Name, Type, etc.
  • Note Categories/Types: Interview, Training, Termination (Discharge), Performance Review, etc. The line in the database can be color coded for easy identification.
  • Individual permission sets. Example: Team Leader can submit Performance Reviews but cannot read Interview/Discharge audits.

Another great tool we had was something called "Pending Staff Actions".

When someone submitted an application, the application went into an applications database. Just like it does with PERSCOM. However, when the application was accepted, you were prompted to submit the interview audit (as mentioned above) that would place a interview note within that persons file and it would place the new member into a que called Pending Staff Actions. 

This was a system that showed us where new members were at in their entry level training and probationary period. When the application was accepted, interview audit submitted, the first que was "In Training". You could few every person that was still awaiting training. Once a member completed their control panel training. They were processed to the next level of the PSA which was "In Shadowing". Each time the progressing admin was prompted to submit a training audit within that persons file. Once the member completed shadowing they were moved to "Final Processing". This was when every audit was reviewed, and one last check was made to make sure said member was ready to be fully processed.

An extremely valuable tool that worked along side the user notes/internal affairs system.

Just figured I'd leave that hear for anyone who may see it wanting to add a little extra to the PERSCOM system. Thanks!

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I like the idea of expanding the notes. I will definitely include your recommendations. As for the PSA feature, I like as well. We are actively working on a application wide event system that will allow you to create custom actions that execute on events emitted. This will allow you to do the same exact thing. Adding a queue is a great addition to this. Thanks for the suggestions!

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email | jon@deschutesdesigngroup.com

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