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LOA Timeperiod / Notification


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Maybe have the ability for soldiers, to submit LOA Notifications in the personell actions request or commanders corner.  All they would need is period of time they will be gone for.  It would place them on LOA status (or whatever status created by admin) and will revert them back to normal status (or require soldier to checkin) when their LOA is over.

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It does serve the purpose of putting dates in for an LOA. Still, a bit of a manual process.  Am I missing a step though? ha.  I would like for the personnel action to place their status to LOA when it's approved.  Seems like we just accept it and then still have to manually go in and change status to LOA.  

Also, when they "Report In" from LOA.. This should remove the LOA status and place them back on Active Status.  

I think an easy solution to this would be to include some admin options on the Approval.  Where they can approve and then select options for status and combat unit etc.  

Just throwing out ideas.  Probably a non starter to be honest as this might not be helpful for other customers. 

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@Benality[3SFG], you're correct, there is not automated actions associated with a PAR yet. You would have to manually set the status of the soldier after approving the request. We are in the process of implanting PAR actions in which you will be able to attach an action to events such as "On submit...do this....", On approval...do that...." etc. This will be in a future release though.

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