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Hi Jon,

So I have been racking my head the past few days over the PAR sidebar, basically if you are a full 'Unrestricted' Administrator you can see it.. If you are a 'Restricted' Administrator but still have full permissions over everything including PERSCOM you can no longer see the sidebar. 

I have deleted and recreated groups, assigned full access to PERSCOM etc, however, still cannot see the PAR sidebar unless they are a full 'Unrestricted' Admin, the second you change it to a 'Restricted' Admin but keep them with full permissions on everything the sidebar disappears. I have also tried this just by setting a user as just an administrator with no secondary groups and the same issue occurs, if they unrestricted its fine if they are restricted with full permissions it removes the PAR widget.

I cannot find a permission anywhere which is preventing the sidebar showing, so I can only put it down to been a bug? 

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