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As I mentioned in my suggestion thread, my clan is a tactical gaming clan that still utilizes a rank structure, awards, chain of command and SOPs, but we do not assign individual weapons and I don't really want to adopt a MOS classification system. So I was wondering if it is possible for you to create an option for us to rename these fields to something else. Keep them within the function of PERSCOM, just allow me to change how they will appear aesthetically. 

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You can modify the language that's shown for those fields. In admin CP, go to Customization > Localization > Languages then you click the globe icon to translate. You can then search for perscom and see all the language items for perscom. You could search for "weapons" and then add translations for each of them. For example if you wanted to label MOS "kit" for like a loadout or gear specialization, it would look something like this :



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