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Report in bug through notification not fixed

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  • 2 months later...

Sorry for the extremely late response, we've just started running into it again, and I'd say the system works as indented but the user interface isn't clear at all.

When you get the PERSCOM notification for not reporting in for X days, and you click it, it brings you to the operation center. Over there you must now click on a record on top of your report in history to complete reporting in.

A lot of users expect to be able to press the "report in" button instead of having to go into their history and find the record with a different text.

I'd suggest changing the report in button to not only filter by date, but also filter by reportin status. I've noticed that people with this error all have a reportin record with status 2. So some logic to make the report in button handle those with status 2, or ignore those with status 2.

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