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2 quick questions.

1) Whats the reasoning for not been able to manage primary groups through PERSCOM? We have 2 main primary groups which soldiers fall into and also a new group for applicants but because it only adds to the secondary group it doesnt really link into the other apps for us where it assigns Teamspeak Groups, Discord Groups and a couple of other things.. understand that isnt your problem, just curious as to why we can only manage secondary groups?

2) Seen as though we can only manage secondary groups is it possible to add a function to be able to select a combination of groups instead of just one for Admin units and Combat units?



P.S Just noticed I posted this in the wrong Category. My bad!?

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I would rather stay away from managing primary groups as it presents much more risk in error on the backend side - such as removing administrators and causing lockups. Secondary groups is easier to manage. As for selecting multiple secondary groups, I don't see an issue with this. I will work on getting it incorporated.

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