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After a bit of a wait, we're excited to announce the release PERSCOM 1.3.5. Packed with several bug fixes and some new features, make sure to download and install this update as soon as possible. We've included our new Qualifications Module as well as Custom Name Displays. Change how your personnel are displayed throughout the site and adjust the settings to best match your preferences. Also, award your personnel unit specific qualifications and keep track of them in their personnel file! Head on over your Account to get the latest update.


### Added
- Brand new qualification module let lets you assign and create qualification records for your personnel.
- Minimum Time in Grade now displays on the ACP Rank list for easier identification.
- Ranks can now be included/disregarded when calculating a soldier's promotion eligibility.
- Customize how you want your personnel names to display throughout the PERSCOM system. Using interchangeable variables, create a customizable setup for your personnel.
### Changed
- Awards, Ranks, Documents, and Qualifications must now exist in a Category.
- PERSCOM now only uses our new licensing system. If you have an old license, please contact support to transfer immediately.
- Small permission changes that allow for more granular access.
### Fixed
- Fixed an erroneous error while displaying eligible soldiers for promotions.
- Fixed a bug where custom personnel file fields weren't using the custom formatting value for their field.
- Fixed the wrong soldier showing within the Operations Center Report In record.
- Fixed an error where an assignment record is filed without setting the 'From Combat Unit' field.
- Fixed a bug displaying personnel MOS statistics.
- Fixed a bug when trying to report in from a notification and not properly updating the soldiers last report in date.
- Fixed a bug when clicking Application Status and the application returned was not the latest application.
- Fixed a bug when withdrawing an application threw an error if the forum for moving applications was not set.
- Fixed a bug where errors were formatted improperly.


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