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Another idea...

So we have certain qualifications for certain roles, it would be handy if a tab could be added to the soldiers personnel file with a qualifications tab, then in the admincp we can award a qualification to a member, it will have a document attached etc. Works pretty much like a combat record or service record, it would also be helpful if this could be added in a custom roster, so we have the ability to show whos qualified in what by a breakdown on the roser. 

Expanding on the feature, in the future, it could also work like the TIG and Ranks system, where you have to fulfil certain criteria (which someone can choose, i.e another qualification, TIG, Rank) before PERSCOM will allow you to award a qualification to the member, or similar have a training module where you can select when someone has done the training and then the qualification module will allow you to award that qual to that member. 

Just a thought! We have a dirty way of doing it at the moment using custom rosters and admin units but would be nice to see a feature like above!


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