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Is it possible to look into adding the following feature?

Currently we have a few statuses that a member can be in, Active Duty, LOA, Inactive etc.

Is it possible to have some way of tracking how long a member has been in one of them statuses? I.e When someone is active duty a clock starts to track their active time, if they fail to report in it drops them to inactive or away without leave, and starts to report that time and pause the active timer, if they report in the active timer resumes from where it stopped and the other timer pauses.

It would also be handy to have the ability to 'reset' these timers, this would be more of a backend feature accessed in the admincp, you click on a soldier and it would show the time they have been in the statuses by way of a breakdown. Also potentially the date of when the timer was started and paused?


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