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Random idea just popped in my head after doing the weekly repo update.

So currently, we have a spreadsheet with the mods we use and version's etc, we have a few repos for different types of era's we do in the unit. So here's the idea.

Within PERSCOM, a way to manage our repo set we currently use ArmA3Sync so i'm basing it around that but could be universal I guess? , i.e an AdminCP backend in which we add the mods, I.E Mod name, Repo it resides in, Version and link to the mod. A frontend a bit like the personnel files i guess in which members can see which mods are in which repo and what version etc. Also a status of the mod - i.e live, testing, removed. Potentially also a page for the repo details, link, password etc.

When we update the mod sets it should push either a thread to the forum or notification to members in PERSCOM with the latest version updates etc. We should also be able to specify the size of the update during the notification push. 

I think this would work for quite a few units?


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