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Upon updating both IPB and PERSCOM this weekend, I now have double profile pictures when looking at the unread content page.  When I disable PERSCOM from the applications menu in the ACP it goes away.  I looked for the PERSCOM forum integration plug in and it was disabled.  I thought this may be the issue but when that gets enabled, the profile picture is still doubled on the unread content page and the profile picture breaks everywhere else.


Forum Integration Plugin disabled and on unread content screen:



Forum Integration Plugin enabled and on a topic ( profile pic works fine when integration plugin is disabled):



Also, the display names are not appearing on forum topics...but I believe this is due to the new theme I am using as the display names appear just fine with other themes.

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@Ezaco, yes, please keep the plugin disabled. It is no longer used if you are using PERSCOM 1.3.0. As far as the double pictures go - we've noticed this in a couple other installations and are working on a fix right now. It will be fixed in the next release.

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email | jon@deschutesdesigngroup.com

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@Jon Erickson

Also, I have noticed that with the PERSCOM application enabled, our display names are not shown above our profile pictures.  Somewhere it is pulling our rank profile pictures but not pulling our names and MOS.

See below:

PERSCOM Application disabled:



PERSCOM Application enabled:



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