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Group Assignment on Promotion

Luke Hickton

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Good Afternoon, please let me know when you get fed up of my suggestions! lol

Would it be possible when someone is promoted to a rank, that they are assigned a group with this?  And preferably removal of groups as well?  For example:

We have JNCO and SNCO groups (as they control permissions on the forum), so when someone is promoted to SSgt, they are removed from the JNCO group and added to the SNCO group.  The option to remove from any of the following groups would be beneficial, as sometimes we go down in rank for voluntary/punitive demotions, so an option to remove any groups (multiple choice box, to add all rank groups to) then add to one specific group for their new rank.

Similar to what happens when appointed an admin position and they're added to a group, with the addition of removing any other groups from a selection.

Let me know if this isn't explained well and I'll try again.


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