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PERSCOM 2.0 Suggestions, from a 1.0 customer


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I run a tactical gaming clan called the Bloodwolves Brigade. We are not a milsim clan, however, we are similar in function and structure. I have used PERSCOM 1.0 for about two years now and I love the system, but I have some suggestions for this new secondary system, which looks very promising. 

1) Allow a degree of customizability. One problem I had with PERSCOM 1.0 was that I could not modify any of the fields on the enlistment application. For example, the field that asks whether or not you have Teamspeak 3, I wanted to change to Discord, for that was our primary communication method. Allow us to build, or at least modify the enlistment application to contain fields that work with each individual clan's needs.

2) Allow modification of other fields. Although we utilize a rank structure and chain of command, awards program, and other similar elements to milsim clans, we do not utilize an occupational specialty system, nor do we assign individual weapons. I was able to go into the coding and re-skin these fields to suit my needs, but I would like to see this as a feature that can be built directly into PERSCOM. So if I didn't want to use individually assigned weapons, no such field would show up on a roster/profile or I could simply change the field to say something else.

3) Allow customization of OPORDs. Assignment orders always had a generic message that was pre-generated. I would like the ability to customize assignment orders, as we are already allowed to customize award citations. 


I am extremely excited for PERSCOM 2.0 and will be purchasing it as well as the forum extension soon. When will you have more information regarding the full range of capabilities that PERSCOM 2.0 currently possesses, as well as features you plan on building into it at a later date? When will we get more pictures or a hosted live demonstration as the creators of the standalone MILPACS system have done? I look forward to the further development of this application!


PS: While I absolutely love Milsim clans, I know other gaming communities that aren't as rigidly (but similarly) structured would appreciate an organizational tool such as this to help alleviate our administrative needs. You would likely do better with sales if you market it to be applicable to a wide range of clan types and customizable as such, rather than it just being useful only to highly structured, rigid Milsim clans based off real-world military units. 

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@Devilsigh I am happy to report that every feature you have mentioned above, as well as many more, has been included in 2.0. Our main design focus for 2.0 was to drastically expand the ability to customize the suite to fit a whole range of different needs. We plan to host a live environment when the product releases here shortly. As mentioned above, PERSCOM is built on the ability to completely custom design your own input fields that are used on the application, personnel file, personnel action requests and so on. You want a field for a member to enter? Just create it and tell PERSCOM where you want it to be used in the system. PERSCOM also comes with a new Document system that allows you to easily generate custom documents with fill in tags that can be used as service records, combat records, OPORDS, assignment records, promotion citations etc. Whatever you want, just create the document in PERSCOM. I hope this insight excites you as much as it does us! Please pass along your excitement to others who might be interested in our product. You can even refer them for a 10% discount! Stay tuned!

Deschutes Design Group LLC
email | jon@deschutesdesigngroup.com

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