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Jon Erickson

PERSCOM 1.3.0 Released!

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The long anticipated wait for our newest version of PERSCOM has finally come to an end. Addressing several bugs, new features, addon enhancements and more, we're excited to release our popular software for download! New this version, we've introduced the ability to test out PERSCOM for free without obligation or hassle. Simply visit our store and purchase a development license for FREE. Once you've installed PERSCOM, you will have access to all features and tools as our standard license holders. However, with a development license, access to creating objects is limited. For example, you may only create up to 5 personnel before being capped. Each item has a different quota, but will allow you to fully test the software. For those of you that have a standard license, purchase as many development licenses as you'd like to install PERSCOM in a development environment for teaching and practicing before making changes to your production environment. 

Also new this release, we've gone away from creating external plugins. All plugins will now be referred to as addons and are apart of the core PERSCOM software package. Each addon must be purchased separately, but once you've made the purchase, simply refresh your license key and the addon will be available in PERSCOM. For those of you who purchased the forum integration plugin, please delete the plugin or disable it before installing PERSCOM 1.3.0. The installer will do it for you if you do not remember. 

We'd love to hear your feedback. Keep your suggestions coming this way! 



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Do you have any more information available about the SquadXML plugin?

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The SquadXML addon, not a plugin, is a one time purchase that allows you to output the XML using your PERSCOM data. Once you've made the purchase, just refresh your license key and the settings will be available in PERSCOM. Let me know if you have any specific questions!


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