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Promotion Point System

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Anyone else having issues with the promotion point system and graph not correctly tracking user data?

I've specified promotion points and time in grade needed for each rank, I'm certain I've set this up correctly. What I've noticed on any personnel file is the graph shows either 0% or 100% based solely on promotion points, it doesn't appear to factor in time in grade or show any progress on the graph. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Another question, is there a way I can view promotion eligible users, similar to how I can view activity on the activity tracker?

Thanks in advance,


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Hey man.

To answer your first question. That I do not know. I know that the promotion point system is being improvedat the moment but there isnt a lot of automated capability at the moment. Its mostly needing to be inputted manually to achieve that goal, to my knowledge (not an expert).

However, your second question I CAN answer fully. To be able to see promotion eligibility.

Go to Soldiers and click on Table settings in the upper left hand corner:


Then select the tables you want to see. This is how mine is set up:


Of course eligibility is based on how you set it up in your settings. Mine is all TiG at the moment + manual review of other requirements.

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@v.roberts, there is also a dashboard widget that displays eligible personnel. As far as promotion points go, make sure PERSCOM is understanding which rank is next, for example, within rank settings you can set the order of which rank is next, based on how you've ordered them when you added them (Ascending vs Descending) if its backwards, PERSCOM will always display someone as not eligible because you can't go back in ranks.

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@Daedious, thank you for that tip, I had no idea to look at table settings. 

@Jon Erickson, I know the issue you're talking about and have set the ascending/descending order correctly. As for the dashboard widget, I'm not seeing an option to add that. I have the others: Inactive Personnel, Recent Applications, Admin Notes, etc.. 

Thank you both for your timely response.

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