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Erro when adding Description to Rank Category

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Trying to break ranks up into their appropriate structure using categories. When I add a description of the category it gives me the follow error: 

UPDATE `perscom_ranks_categories` perscom_ranks_categories  SET `categories_desc`='The non-commissioned officer corps has been referred to as "the backbone" of the community, as they are the primary and most visible leaders for most military personnel. Additionally, they are the leaders primarily responsible for executing a military organization\'s mission and for training military personnel so they are prepared to execute their missions. NCO training and education typically includes leadership and management as well as service-specific and combat training.' WHERE categories_id=6 
IPS\Db\Exception: Data too long for column 'categories_desc' at row 1 (1406)
#0 /home/fortheking/webapps/mainsite/forums/system/Db/Db.php(1150): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery('/*IPS\\Node\\_Mod...', Array)
#1 /home/fortheking/webapps/mainsite/forums/system/Patterns/ActiveRecord.php(520): IPS\_Db->update('`perscom_ranks_...', '`categories_des...', 'WHERE categorie...')
#2 /home/fortheking/webapps/mainsite/forums/system/Node/Model.php(2272): IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord->save()
#3 /home/fortheking/webapps/mainsite/forums/system/Node/Model.php(3097): IPS\Node\_Model->save()
#4 /home/fortheking/webapps/mainsite/forums/system/Node/Controller.php(413): IPS\Node\_Model->saveForm(Array)
#5 /home/fortheking/webapps/mainsite/forums/applications/perscom/modules/admin/ranks/ranks.php(0): IPS\Node\_Controller->form()
#6 /home/fortheking/webapps/mainsite/forums/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): IPS\perscom\modules\admin\ranks\_ranks->form()
#7 /home/fortheking/webapps/mainsite/forums/system/Node/Controller.php(62): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute()
#8 /home/fortheking/webapps/mainsite/forums/applications/perscom/sources/Node/Controller.php(0): IPS\Node\_Controller->execute()
#9 /home/fortheking/webapps/mainsite/forums/applications/perscom/modules/admin/ranks/ranks.php(0): IPS\perscom\Node\_Controller->execute()
#10 /home/fortheking/webapps/mainsite/forums/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\perscom\modules\admin\ranks\_ranks->execute()
#11 /home/fortheking/webapps/mainsite/forums/admin/index.php(14): IPS\_Dispatcher->run()
#12 {main}


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