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Is it possible to hide a roster on the frontend? I know you can hide it from certain groups, however, if you do that then when you discharge someone you cannot select the discharged combat unit as it does not display.

I'm trying to save personnel files on discharge but without the discharged soldier showing up on the front end personnel files. Is this possible?



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10 hours ago, Jon Erickson said:

Rosters inherit the IPB Permission system so you should just be able to hide the roster from all groups. 

I tried that, however if you do that, when you discharge someone you are unable to select the discharged combat unit because it's hidden for everyone. 

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I didnt think of doing that. So I've created a discharged combat unit and then created a hidden discharged roster and linked them together, shows on the backend but not on the front end which is what I want. This should allow us to keep peoples records even after discharge. However, if I remember rightly in the old days of PERSCOM 1 when you discharged somebody it kept all their records etc under their user ID in the db but just removed them from the roster and personnel files, and then when you reinstated them it relinked all their old records etc. Would this be something that could be made possible again? Or a more feature based discharge system added instead of the above workaround? 

Hope you had a good 4th July as well dude!


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PERSCOM already does that - but you must keep the personnel file. Records are linked to the personnel file id. As long as you keep the personnel file, you can relink any member with an existing personnel file and everything will be as it was left off. 

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