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Hi! i'm adding some "small" improvements that I consider as quick wins ("I consider" underlined, they might require more effort) 

1. Missing translations in Ops Center

"%s was promoted to %s"
"%s was discharged."
"%s enlisted with the unit. "
"%s was awarded the %s. "

2. PERSCOM should Create a Assingment record after beeing moved to "inactive" unit by the activity tracker (this could be maybe an optional feature, not sure if everybody here would like this)

3. Soldier Activity tracker's notification (after reach max days without report in) is not redirecting the user to the OPS center. This should be redirected there so the user can report in faster

4. I think Adding points to a soldier should have separate permission. Today, the user must have "edit permission" over a personnel file to add points without a combat/service/award record.

I will posting some more minor improvements in this same thread if they come into my mind. 

As always, sorry if a fell into grammar mistakes, inglish is not my native language


Edited by Ignacio Pablo Duro
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