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It would be possible to add a dynamic form where in the fields it would be possible to add the spaces available for the person to be subscribing.

Another page would display all the free spaces and the person would sign up for one of these vacancies and so would save and other people could no longer pick up is vacant. Same in the picture.

Panel slots

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This image was from the form when the admin created the mission

This was a system from an old group that I was part of, it works as follows.

The admin registered a new game and added the vacancies available for the member to sign up.

In the page of vacancies had some information like date and schedule of the game, a brief description about the game and a picture and the places for the members to subscribe, but when a member registered in a certain vacancy that vacancy would be unavailable to the others.


It worked as a kind of hotel reservation but with only 1 seat

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