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Discharge List

Matthew Hawkins

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32 minutes ago, Matthew Hawkins said:

It would be nice to have a Discharged Personnel list that can be seen with various discharge status' and Steam links - this way, so that I can see and remember who left on good terms, bad, etc, and "re-enlist" them accordingly.

+1 on this, a really good idea. 

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Are you deleting the service record upon discharge?

In 3rdID, we keep everything. Upon discharge, soldiers are moved to a "discharged" combat unit. This combat unit is hidden from public view, only admins are able to view this. However from here, we can see the full personnel file, including discharge grade and any notes that are added. You would still need to cross reference the discharge list when processing applications though.

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13 hours ago, Jon Erickson said:

As @Arthur Cantu mentioned, if you choose to keep the personnel file on discharge, you will be able to review it if they apply again. PERSCOM can re-link an application with an exiting personnel file for re-enlistment. 

More what I was meaning was a "searchable" discharged list. Not only so that I can see it, but so that I can refer other units that are trying to background check a previous member to our discharged list.

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So what @Arthur Cantu is saying is, create a roster that is visible to admins only, save personnel files on discharge, and then you’ll be able to see all your discharged members on the front end under your discharged roster. Adding a search function is a great idea as well!

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