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Ability to attach Combat Record/Service Record to document


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Hi All,

After processing a few qualification documents earlier today it lead to me thinking about been able to attach a service record or combat record entry to a document i.e

Using a variable/tag like the following {service_record_name}, this will take the text from the entered service/combat record. Say if I enter 'Basic Combat Training' as the service record name and create a document for qualifications we should then be able to use {service_record_name} or {combat_record_name} to input that SR/CR text into the document. I don't know if this is possible as I know that documents will need to pull the record from the database to fill in to the document. However, the entry is not created until after the record is created. An alternative solution would be for us to be able to create a list of courses/qualifications in the PERSCOM backend which can then be used in the documents via tags. However, that solution I think would require that each course/qual would need its own individual tag which would make the tags box very long and somewhat confusing I guess..

I understand we could use the awards system for this, however, not all quals have an award to go with them, which i'm guessing is the case in most units.

We as a unit have quite a few qualifications and courses and to create a document for each course would be quite a large task.


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