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The newest version of PERSCOM Soldier Management System has been updated and released. Head on over to the Downloads section of the website to get your copy. Included are several feature upgrades, bug fixes and performance improvements. If you are using IPS Cloud and need an unencoded version of the application, please submit a support ticket and we will update your copy!



  • Added option to lock application topics when auto-moved to their respective forums.
  • Soldiers now order by first name within the ACP dropdown menus.
  • Ranks can now have a TIG promotional restraint.
  • Roster tabs now respect their order as defined in the ACP.
  • Added promotional points as a multimod feature on the soldiers list in the ACP. Select several soldiers and modify their promotional points.


  • Added a separate soldier column within the ACP that displays promotional eligibility. There is also a column to display promotion points.
  • Moved promotional eligibility settings to the rank settings page. You can enable/disable which restraints you want. Make sure you have the rank ordering option set correctly so the correct rank is returned when a soldier is eligible. To display eligibility, add the Promotional Eligibility column under Table Settings of the soldier page within the ACP.
  • If you chose combat position as a sorting option for your roster, it will now respect the position order instead of sorting alphabetically.
  • Modified a backend function that returns the list of soldiers to include or exclude discharged soldiers. This now changes the default behavior of the fronted personnel file/roster system. If a soldier's status or combat unit is set to the discharged status or unit as defined in your settings, they will not show up in any form within personnel files.


  • Fixed a bug where Personnel Files threw an error on first time install due to no rosters having been created.
  • Multimod selection of soldiers in ACP now properly works with available options.
  • Administrator position list within roster now places a space after a comma, instead of a list with just commas.

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email | jon@deschutesdesigngroup.com

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