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Adding Promotion Points each X


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2 hours ago, Ignacio Pablo Duro said:

Also maybe adding points on every event. 

Battle Drills > If the solider is present then add x point/s
Combat Mission > If the soldier is present then add x point/s

I'm pretty sure that there's a long roadmap regarding "promo points" feature



Are you adding Records for soldier's attendance? Combat or Service?

Perhaps add the option when adding records, add X promotion points (can either be a number field or preset value from settings)
Also have present when adding a note.

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6 minutes ago, Arthur Cantu said:

Are you adding Records for soldier's attendance? Combat or Service?


We are adding promo points per drill attendance. In our case, is 1 per week (or more if is necessary). If the soldier doesn't show up, then no promo points are assigned. Same scenario for missions. 

Also, I'm adding extra promo points for DMOS. 

Sure, I can add them manually but would be great to have an automatic process using attendance record of the calendar RSVP 

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@Ignacio Pablo Duro, I believe Arther is asking if you are adding service or combat records as your drill attendance? If so, every time you add a service/combat record, you can added as many promotion points to the entry as you wish. 

We are currently working on a courses/events module that may be able to do this, more efficiently. But we are still far out from releasing this module. 

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