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Found 2 results

  1. Fellow Perscom Users, with inquiries in the past pertaining to a Uniform template I have decided to release an older Uniform project version. The examples above will give you an idea of what a finished uniform could look like, the options are endless just use your imagination. Currently at this time I will only be releasing the Green / Black / Blue bare basic versions of the Uniform, I look forward to seeing your imaginations put to work! Green Uniform: Black Uniform: Blue Uniform:
  2. Seems like a quickie. Just allow us to change more fields on the discharge screen. One that we constantly need to change now is combat position for example from fireteam member to civilian. Maybe there are more fields that could be changed too? Just a bit of a hassle to discharge someone and then still have to go into their entire p-file to change that field in particular when doing personnel updates in bulk.
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