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  1. @Jon Erickson can this be explained a bit more in detail? can u explain how to obtain the id and an example of the code
  2. I certainly like the idea of having it list like the awards / Ranks ect.. I think that would be a good edition
  3. Bump any news when we may see this option included?
  4. I think that would be a wonderful edition..
  5. It seems that the call tags for the country flag have changed a bit in the 4.4.10 IPB update below is the updated code <div class="ipsGrid_span2 ipsType_center ipsResponsive_hidePhone"> <ul class="ipsList_inline ipsPad_half ipsType_center"> <!-- Here you will enter the members HBS website profile url --> <!-- ------------------------------------------------------- --> <li> <a href="http://hellboundsoldiers.org/forums/profile/2-kgb/" data-ipshover="" data-ipshover-target="http://hellboundsoldiers.org/forums/profile/2-kgb/?do=hovercard" class="" title
  6. My pleasure @Jon Erickson I am currently working on a general how too's with video clips for most of the common edits.. so stay tuned ?
  7. @Matthew Hawkins Here is how I accomplished that edit Create Custom Field with the name: Profile / Steam / Country set the type to: code and leave the field format empty and click save Now under the Personnel tab click settings, once in the Personnel Settings click on Customize at the top right. From here you will need to scroll to the bottom and click Add Another. you will click on the drop down arrow and find the custom field you created in the list and click it. You will need to set a width I found 2 works the best "FYI" you have to remember all columns combined widths
  8. Good evening, I was reaching out to inquire weather anyone would be willing to share some insight as how to make some of the more difficult edits to style there pages. I would be happy to share how I have achieved our current layout. I know there is still so much more and I would love to learn with as we go so hit me up if you have some tips I have many specific requests Website
  9. @Jon Erickson can we expect this to be in a update any time soon?
  10. That would be amazing I would even be willing to put out a PSD that has the M4A1,M16,MG4,Sniper,Granade, and Knive for people to start with we have even went as far as adding weapon charms to ours
  11. Im really interested in hearing from a dev about this...
  12. So here is my Idea/request you already have the option when adding a soldier to Perscom to set there weapon what I would like is the Option to also add an image to this Option as well, The reason for this is that HBS makes custom weapon skins soldiers earn by forum activity, attending missions,operation, or any other reason that can be thought of here is a link to my Personnel File you can see I have created a custom block to do what I suggested but I would love to have the Image option built in with the weapon here are several others to get the Idea of custom weapon skins
  13. Hello fellow developers, Normally with the assistance of google and YouTube I can pretty much work most things out as long as there being a example for reference, Perscom at this time has little to NO documentation as to custom code pages example: the MOS image on the roster ect. ect. I was hoping someone here who has accomplished these edits may find it in there heart to maybe share an example of there code to make these things work. Any help would be so beneficial and I would be humbly greatful
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