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  1. Would making a discharged "Roster" work for this? Searching could be done using the browser's search function, or perhaps a "roster search" function could be added into PERSCOM.
  2. Are you deleting the service record upon discharge? In 3rdID, we keep everything. Upon discharge, soldiers are moved to a "discharged" combat unit. This combat unit is hidden from public view, only admins are able to view this. However from here, we can see the full personnel file, including discharge grade and any notes that are added. You would still need to cross reference the discharge list when processing applications though.
  3. You should be able to edit the existing menu from the menu manager. You can click on existing items to edit, change, or remove as needed. You can also add custom items as well to whatever you would like, simply use the external link option as the menu item type, then add the external link to whatever page you want. You need to use the full url, however IPB strips it automatically to be a relative link once added.
  4. In adminCP, go to PERSCOM -> Applications -> Settings -> Forums Tab : there you have the option "Enable Group Management." You can disable this, which will stop applicants from being moved to a user group upon submission. Alternatively, you can create a user group for applicants, and then provide appropriate permissions for that group.
  5. I think that's a great idea. For forum post, could the post be hidden so only moderators and admins can see it? Would need to make sure the group managing applications has adequate permissions of course.
  6. I agree that for the scope of PERSCOM, management of secondary groups is the way to go. From a security (permissions) point of view, secondary groups is just as secure as primary groups; IPB will grant users permissions based on the highest allowed permission from all groups the member is part of. That said, you as an administrator still have the power to manage your member's groups via adminCP. It's just not automated through PERSCOM, and adds risk of mistakes, should you choose to do so.
  7. I have some ideas. I'll mock them up best I can. 6fb773a4dd0aceedd4bd9b87a4c9c60c.mp4
  8. Are you adding Records for soldier's attendance? Combat or Service? Perhaps add the option when adding records, add X promotion points (can either be a number field or preset value from settings) Also have present when adding a note.
  9. <span class='flag-icon flag-icon-{expression="mb_strtolower($soldier->country)" raw="$soldier->country"}' data-ipstooltip="" _title="{lang='country-$soldier->country'}"></span> Interesting, the above works for us and how I have it implemented to include the country name on mouse over. Do those resources exist within your theme resources? I find that there is a bug that deletes resources which causes this error sometimes. I have to manually upload the flags again and it fixes it. CSS looks the same to me, there is no background url parsed because that resource isn't physically found in the system based on the naming convention. There are bug reports on IPB's site about this issue and supposedly its being investigated for a fix with 4.4 release. Basically it seems that when apps or plugins add resources, sometimes they change the filename of the resources, even though the resource is still there under the old filename such as uploads/set_resources_X/c0b56cc222cde0460c4bb40b45433af3_us.svg but will be renamed to a filename with a more recent date such as uploads/set_resources_X/ac493a35b67becbd8e183644baf404a2_us.svg So I suggest, check your theme resources see if they are there. If not, browse your set_resources_X (it will be 1 or 2 etc based on your theme) and you should have all the resources there to re-upload manually.
  10. Bulk adding those items isn't currently an option from the Soldiers list. What you can do is under the Records Section select the relevant type - Combat or Service, then at the top right click on the Add Record button. From there you can bulk select soldiers to add the records. This doesn't currently work for assignments though.
  11. Please add soldier's name as well! I keep forgetting which soldier I'm working on as I go through the processes.
  12. Yes absolutely, although would not be a requirement for us.
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