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  1. Bit the bullet this week and dropped a few hundred dollars to buy an Invision license. IPB staff were able to provide me a full SQL backup of the website, so I was able to restore all website and PERSCOM data on a self-hosted cloud server. Wasn't super easy, wouldn't recommend if you're not a technical person, but it's possible.
  2. I just transferred PERSCOM from my cloud-hosted server to a self-hosted one. PERSCOM update posted today, but when I go to the marketplace and select "install", it tells me PERSCOM is already installed - but I definitely don't have the most recent version. How do I update PERSCOM without uninstalling the previous version and losing my data?
  3. IPB support has no access to the the website files for Cloud apparently - it's entirely unmanaged and they have no way to access it. Just got shot down by their support team. Will contact via ticket to pursue the plugin fix.
  4. Is it possible to install the JSON file manually? Just trying to find some way to do it while waiting on this to get fixed. Have had to do everything on google sheets and then transcribe to PERSCOM for the past month, since can't have the recruiters on the system themselves.
  5. @Jon Erickson Is there any ETA on this? It's kinda put a halt to our group recruitment because we can't give people the perms to accept applications.
  6. An external API for PERSCOM would be incredible. I have dreams of being able to make calls via my mod in Arma to a PERSCOM API, where it automatically tracks if a user attended an event. I know this is a big ask, so I just put this here to get the thought in your head! Great software.
  7. I can see the promotion points on the admin panel, but how can I set it so that people can see their promotion points on their PERSCOM profile? It looks like it shows dependent on a setting, but I can't find anywhere to change that setting in the admin panel. I'm probably just skimming over it.
  8. Another idea/feature request: It would be nice to be able to add promotion points to people when adding a combat/service/etc record. Right now we're tracking attendance to operations by mass-adding a "Attended X" combat record, and then going through the same selection of users and mass-adding a promotion point corresponding to it. Another bug report: In the soldiers page of the admin panel, when selecting multiple users, it will often be incorrect in the "# selected" floater at the bottom. I'm not sure if it's just the floater that's incorrect, or if some of the selection actuall
  9. On the 3rdID website each user has custom icons next to their name in the roster. How would I go about adding a Steam icon to each member in the roster that links back to their Steam Profile? I already have a custom field set for each Steam Profile, so I have the data, I'm just not sure how to display it.
  10. On first install I had to have a special unencoded version installed by you guys, as the available download does not support IPB Cloud. To get the latest update, do you guys have to manually update it for me? If not, how do I update it myself? I'd love to get on IPB 4.4.0 asap, as that red "Upgrade" strip is killing me!
  11. Another thought - in the "Enlistment Center", if you're not signed in, it gives you IPB's typical nasty "Error, you're not signed in, etc." It would be nice if there was a clean registration prompt there so that people can move fluidly from registering to applying.
  12. Sounds like a good solution to me, along with the "roster search" function.
  13. I've been loving the application so far in testing, and rather than put different bits of feedback into separate threads, I thought I'd put them all in one as a general mix. There's no particular order to these, and I have to forewarn that I'm a software engineer, and I critique software for a living, so forgive me if I get overly analytical.. I'm just speaking features here though as I certainly am not a web developer. Activity Tracker: Love it! This replaces the forum-based roll call system I've been using for years entirely. The only feature I could see being added is a priva
  14. More what I was meaning was a "searchable" discharged list. Not only so that I can see it, but so that I can refer other units that are trying to background check a previous member to our discharged list.
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