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  1. Made the new account as well. The new account name is Raymond Salmon.
  2. Hello, Im having issues logging into pay for our Perscom subscription. Ive reset the password for all the emails I feel I would have used but nothing comes back to me. Some help would be appreciated. Im posting here so that its proof its me and not some random person sending a support ticket haha Thanks
  3. Hello, Not sure why this is happening. I see what the error is but I dont know what it means. Anytime I click Approve & Process, I fill out all the information and press submit. Then I get this error however, the new solider is still created.
  4. Love the update! The new widget that tells who is eligible for promotion has a table alignment issue when utilizing the smaller side widgets. Not a huge deal but thought you should know.
  5. @Jon Erickson Ive done a lot of research trying to find a better solution and this is all I have found, so its what I though he was referring to. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9089-learn-plus-lms-learning-management-system/
  6. I am super admin and I double checked I have permissions. I dont see it here:
  7. Hey man. To answer your first question. That I do not know. I know that the promotion point system is being improvedat the moment but there isnt a lot of automated capability at the moment. Its mostly needing to be inputted manually to achieve that goal, to my knowledge (not an expert). However, your second question I CAN answer fully. To be able to see promotion eligibility. Go to Soldiers and click on Table settings in the upper left hand corner: Then select the tables you want to see. This is how mine is set up: Of course eligibility is based on how you set it up in your settings. Mine is all TiG at the moment + manual review of other requirements.
  8. I created a form under the Personnel Action and decided not to use it. But there isnt anywhere for me to delete it. I tried it in the main screen and when editing it, but I dont see anywhere to delete it. Not sure if its a bug or incompetence but some direction would be greatly appreciated! Im just using Deleted as a text holder haha
  9. @Ignacio Pablo Duro I have tried to connect with the developers of that LMS and it seems they are no longer developing it, which is a shame. @Jon Erickson Excellent! is there some sort of time frame on that? We were going to go a different route for our LMS but im willing to hold off if its a near future thing.
  10. This definitely is a big idea but I could see it being a huge bonus considering what PERSCOM does. It would be great to have some sort of ability to provide training to my members that was linked into PERSCOM. For example, having an NCO Academy that tracked course/training completion. Right now we just use an LMS plugin for wordpress but nothing is associated with PERSCOM so there is a big disconnect there. Again I know its a interesting request but Id pay for an addon for that.
  11. Thanks to my awesome team of guys we were able to find a solution today. In case anyone else runs into this issue in the future here is what our tech guys did: 1) the searching was grepping the folders for key css element names on the server 2) found the template, compared it to the original template it is overriding in the hooks 3) the fix was searching for the template name in the themes then editing the enabled theme Hope that helps someone out in the future!
  12. Hey guys, The forum names disappear when the plugin is enabled. Ive had a few of our php savvy guys look into it but we keep running into 500 error codes. Any ideas on how we could correct this? Ive added a screenshot.
  13. *faceplam*. I uh... knew that...just making sure you're staying on top of things... lol Thanks
  14. Thanks for responding Ashton! Not to sound like a newb but what is PAR's?
  15. This may have been answered elsewhere but I was unable to find it. I am not fully understanding all the ways to provide promotion points to members. The 2 ways I know how to do it is to assign it to an award or add it manually. Are there other automatons to utilize this? Thanks!
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