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  1. Something about IONCUBE needed to be installed?
  2. Thanks Jon, Another big issue is on the application process. Recruiters need to process applications, during that time they can assign admin units.
  3. I solved this by not allowing the edit soldier permission and relying on service record submissions etc.
  4. I setup my system so that our recruiters have certain admin panel access. They cannot add anyone to an administer group etc. However, if they have edit soldier record, they can add administrative unit positions that assign forum group permissions that are above their own. A recruiter may need to edit a soldier record but I really don't want them able to assign a user to an admin position that has higher credentials then their own.. Am I missing something, or have it set up incorrectly?
  5. Can you please put on the road map an "expand all" option on things that are hierarchical ? Clicking 5 times to get to 1/1/A/3/75th/SOC is a bit annoying haha.
  6. Trying to find some documentation on how to get the service uniform to function can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  7. I was able to correct this.. Seems like an error with recognizing admin in CP. Delete your soldier record (for the admin account)... Like Jon said earlier, permissions wont allow active soldiers to re-apply. I tried actually changing this in the application settings but to no success. After deleting the admin soldier record, you can then re-add the enlistment center link. Alternate solution is to link the start application directly but that seems silly.
  8. Does this work on IPB 4.3? If so, you have a new customer. Thanks
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