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  1. So we tried that and it removes the application backend module aswell.. we are looking for the ability to close applications but still be able to process any pending applications
  2. Hi Jon, Is there any chance of adding the option to turn off applications? I.e turn them off and provide a message to people who try to apply saying we are not currently accepting applications or something along them lines? And ofcourse the ability to turn them back on? Maybe make it so its group based or something? Thanks
  3. Hi Jon, is there a way to remove the email part on the application forum post? We are getting some people that are saying they dont want their email public so would be helpful if we had the ability to remove that. Thanks
  4. Hi Jon, Another idea which would be helpful is some way of personnel been able to sign upto events or missions and been able to select a role which is defined when the mission is added into PERSCOM? Way I see it working is, an administrator add's a mission, the personnel then see this on the frontend and can select a role they want to be for that mission. Would be great if we could record attendance and that auto create combat records with specified promo points. Also the ability to attach forum posts to that mission that is displayed on the front end? I.e we use WARNOS and OpOrds so would be useful to be able to link stuff like that to that mission. Thanks
  5. Hi Jon, To ideas have just come to mind while doing a cleanup of our PERSCOM. Ability to view how many personnel are linked to a Supervisor, maybe a box in their personnel file or in the admincp to show how many personnel they have under their command. Or even a list of who is under their command? Ability to exclude combat units from the 'Time in service: x months' service records. We have a discharged combat unit which we store old personnel files in, however, they seem still get these service records added. The combat unit is excluded in the activity tracker, not sure if that is meant to prevent these service records already. Thanks
  6. So weirdly enough I have just tried this again without changing anything and it now works.. I have a feeling one of our custom integration plugins was messing things up. I have noticed that when you re-assign someone any of their secondary groups are removed and just one group is added for that combat unit. Is there a way this can be changed so that it just updates the groups and add's the combat unit group without changing the rest of the secondary groups?
  7. Yeah I am, even though i'm a full unrestricted admin... I thought that the highest permission takes priority? Or is that not the case?
  8. Hi Jon, I am trying to move some people around, however, for some reason keep getting this error no matter where I transfer them too.. I have unrestricted full admin so can't see why its giving this error.. Its the same in both assignment records tab and when you create an assignment record on the personnel page. Thanks
  9. @Jon Erickson Apologies for the delay. Test environment is up, running version 4.4.10 with PERSCOM uninstalled and related tables purged from the database. I'll open a ticket with the link and admin details. Thanks
  10. @Jon Erickson Do you have an older .tar version of PERSCOM you can send me? Or shall I remove PERSCOM from the test enviro all together and let you reinstall it and upgrade etc?
  11. If needed Jon I can spin up the test enviro we used a while back, we are experiencing the issue aswell so I can re mirror the site to the test enviro so you can have a look at that?
  12. Hi @iTzHoLT The best way to identify the correct css for an element you want to edit is to navigate to the page and press F12 (Chrome is normally the best for this) there you will be able to edit on the fly and identify exactly what you need to change. Then grab that value, go to templates and in the search box you will put the css element you want to change and that will return the CSS file in which the element is defined. You can even add that element to the custom.css (this overwrites any templates) and make your custom changes there. The PERSCOM CSS is separate from the Themes CSS and is normally under the PERSCOM section of the theme. In your case you will need to edit Templates > PERSCOM > Columns > Rank and change the value on the end of line 4 from 15px to whatever value you want. You will also need to do this in Templates > PERSCOM > Personnel > AdminRow line 9 to change it on any admin rosters you have. Thanks
  13. @ShawnJPN PERSCOM already has a reporting in system included, personnel can report in from the frontend operations system, management of timescales etc is all performed using the backend admin. Thanks
  14. Are you wanting to change the actual image? If so the image used in forum integration is the image that is used by the ranks. This can be changed by changing the image on each rank
  15. Not too sure how hard or even if this could be implemented with IPB. When someone is awarded a qualification, and someone goes to award the same qual again throw an error stating they already have the qualification. Maybe make it so each qualification has an option as to if it can be double awarded? Giving a bit more control over it. I guess the same could be done for awards. Totally understandable if this is not possible, just an idea as it will prevent duplication of records etc for larger units with multiple admin staff.
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