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  1. @Jon Erickson I know IPB 4.5 is currently in Beta, just want to confirm you have plans to make PERSCOM compatible at some point after the release of 4.5? Cheers
  2. Yeah im aware of that.. Im the only person with access to change the Rank order so ill just edit the DB directly if i need to change it 🙂
  3. Yeah when I said the Rank_id column and I actually meant the order column (had been a long day when I posted that!) so I made the sort order become sequential across the categories as a way around.. seems to be working fine. Like I said, however, this was just a special case kind of thing to see if I could get it to work the way we required 🙂
  4. @Jon Erickson so I managed to get around it manually by changing the rank ids to be sequential on the database table. This seems to have fixed the issues, i guess ours was more of a special case. It seems manually assigning the id's to be sequential across the categories also still allowed to promotion system etc to work as normal. I guess what we needed was sorting across all categories.. however, manually doing it wasnt an issue and we rarely change our rank structure so I will just manually change them if ever needed. Thanks anyway dude!
  5. Hello, Decided today to do some reorganisation of our ranks, and ive come across an issue. So before today we had one Rank Group with every rank in the correct order for promotions etc. However, we noticed that the next rank in promotion was not showing correctly for our Air Ranks and Specialist ranks, so as a way around I have separated these into separate groups. In effect I have the following in the AdminCP Order. 1 - All infantry ranks 2 - Aviation Ranks 3 - Specialist Ranks 4 - Other The problem we have is that on the personnel roster is that the ranks do not seem to follow the order that it is listed in the AdminCP, for instance an SPC7 is showing above a 1LT. With the 1LT Been the top of the list in 'All Infantry Ranks' and SPC7 Been 3rd in the list in the Specialist category. I looked in the database and saw that the Ranks Order is not sequential and seems to reset the number for each category so we have 4 ranks with the order id of 1. Is there anyway of having this so you can manually set which rank should be highest on the Personnel Files roster? Or alternatively is there a way for us to manually set the rank order ID? Thanks
  6. Ashton


    2 quick questions. 1) Whats the reasoning for not been able to manage primary groups through PERSCOM? We have 2 main primary groups which soldiers fall into and also a new group for applicants but because it only adds to the secondary group it doesnt really link into the other apps for us where it assigns Teamspeak Groups, Discord Groups and a couple of other things.. understand that isnt your problem, just curious as to why we can only manage secondary groups? 2) Seen as though we can only manage secondary groups is it possible to add a function to be able to select a combination of groups instead of just one for Admin units and Combat units? Cheers P.S Just noticed I posted this in the wrong Category. My bad!😑
  7. So just done some testing and found the following out. 1) Promotions/Assignments creation of the records does nothing to the groups, it only takes effect when you go back into the soldiers file after you have done the assignment/promo form and click save on their profile. Its as though the Promotion and Assignment forms are not triggering the add to group function. This is only triggered when you go back into the personnel file and click save, at that point it seems to update the groups correctly. 2) Dont seem to have any issues with Admin units, tried a test user in multiple admin units and removed units and readded and all the groups were removed and added correctly. 3) Uploading a new uniform had no effect on the groups at all.. 4) Have an issue with some combat units saying I do not have permission to assign a soldier to their even though I have full permissions on everything.. any ideas?
  8. Another idea... So we have certain qualifications for certain roles, it would be handy if a tab could be added to the soldiers personnel file with a qualifications tab, then in the admincp we can award a qualification to a member, it will have a document attached etc. Works pretty much like a combat record or service record, it would also be helpful if this could be added in a custom roster, so we have the ability to show whos qualified in what by a breakdown on the roser. Expanding on the feature, in the future, it could also work like the TIG and Ranks system, where you have to fulfil certain criteria (which someone can choose, i.e another qualification, TIG, Rank) before PERSCOM will allow you to award a qualification to the member, or similar have a training module where you can select when someone has done the training and then the qualification module will allow you to award that qual to that member. Just a thought! We have a dirty way of doing it at the moment using custom rosters and admin units but would be nice to see a feature like above! Thanks.
  9. This can be closed - fixed my own issue, was something to do with the text not formatting correctly.
  10. Any idea what could be causing the issue below? The images are all the same size, the only difference is the padding seems to be off, however, looking in the dev tools it is calling all the same CSS classes. I have not modified the PERSCOM default theme for the awards table either. https://imgur.com/a/Mj6djow As you can see 2 of the awards are slighlty off to the left, this is only happening to a few awards the rest appear correct. Thanks,
  11. Another idea, The option to be able to show any open positions in a widget style on the community. Idea for the way this works, In Perscom admin when you add a new MOS/Position you have a box next to it to specify how many of this certain position you have open i.e Rifleman - 5 Positions - Also have the option not to track the availability, a checkbox or drop down to state if it is a trackable position. If you then assign someone to say that rifleman position, the available positions drops by one - so 4. On the Widget it would then show Rifleman - 4 Available. If you then reassign that person to a different position the Rifleman would go to 5 and then the other position would drop by 1. If a position becomes full, either it is removed from the widget automatically or it just displays as full. I guess the same concept could be used for Admin positions aswell. Thanks
  12. Is it possible to look into adding the following feature? Currently we have a few statuses that a member can be in, Active Duty, LOA, Inactive etc. Is it possible to have some way of tracking how long a member has been in one of them statuses? I.e When someone is active duty a clock starts to track their active time, if they fail to report in it drops them to inactive or away without leave, and starts to report that time and pause the active timer, if they report in the active timer resumes from where it stopped and the other timer pauses. It would also be handy to have the ability to 'reset' these timers, this would be more of a backend feature accessed in the admincp, you click on a soldier and it would show the time they have been in the statuses by way of a breakdown. Also potentially the date of when the timer was started and paused? Thanks!
  13. @Daedious Have you registered at https://solutions.deschutesdesigngroup.com/ That is the new customer portal. Once you have registered on there open a ticket asking for your PERSCOM license to be transferred to the new portal and it will be reissued so you can pay. If i'm wrong im sure @Jon Erickson will correct me.
  14. Random idea just popped in my head after doing the weekly repo update. So currently, we have a spreadsheet with the mods we use and version's etc, we have a few repos for different types of era's we do in the unit. So here's the idea. Within PERSCOM, a way to manage our repo set we currently use ArmA3Sync so i'm basing it around that but could be universal I guess? , i.e an AdminCP backend in which we add the mods, I.E Mod name, Repo it resides in, Version and link to the mod. A frontend a bit like the personnel files i guess in which members can see which mods are in which repo and what version etc. Also a status of the mod - i.e live, testing, removed. Potentially also a page for the repo details, link, password etc. When we update the mod sets it should push either a thread to the forum or notification to members in PERSCOM with the latest version updates etc. We should also be able to specify the size of the update during the notification push. I think this would work for quite a few units? Thoughts?
  15. --Can be closed I found my mistake.
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