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  1. If needed Jon I can spin up the test enviro we used a while back, we are experiencing the issue aswell so I can re mirror the site to the test enviro so you can have a look at that?
  2. Hi @iTzHoLT The best way to identify the correct css for an element you want to edit is to navigate to the page and press F12 (Chrome is normally the best for this) there you will be able to edit on the fly and identify exactly what you need to change. Then grab that value, go to templates and in the search box you will put the css element you want to change and that will return the CSS file in which the element is defined. You can even add that element to the custom.css (this overwrites any templates) and make your custom changes there. The PERSCOM CSS is separate from the The
  3. @ShawnJPN PERSCOM already has a reporting in system included, personnel can report in from the frontend operations system, management of timescales etc is all performed using the backend admin. Thanks
  4. Are you wanting to change the actual image? If so the image used in forum integration is the image that is used by the ranks. This can be changed by changing the image on each rank
  5. Not too sure how hard or even if this could be implemented with IPB. When someone is awarded a qualification, and someone goes to award the same qual again throw an error stating they already have the qualification. Maybe make it so each qualification has an option as to if it can be double awarded? Giving a bit more control over it. I guess the same could be done for awards. Totally understandable if this is not possible, just an idea as it will prevent duplication of records etc for larger units with multiple admin staff.
  6. @Jon Erickson - See screenshots below.. not sure if the feature is not working correctly then.
  7. Hi Jon, We have a combat unit that we have hidden and we place discharged people in there. However, when we come to adding combat records etc they still show and the list is getting pretty long. Is there a way to exclude certain combat units from showing in the drop down lists? Or can a feature be implemented to allow this? I.e when creating or editing the combat unit you can select whether to show in certain drop downs (i.e discharging someone) or be excluded from showing in others, like awards, combat records etc. Thanks
  8. It seems the PERSCOM: Personnel Geographical Spread widget on the AdminCP is broken.. no longer seems to be working at all, no map is showing. Not sure if this is just me or not, seems to have happened after the latest PERSCOM update. IPB v4.4.10. Thanks
  9. Hi Jon, So I have been racking my head the past few days over the PAR sidebar, basically if you are a full 'Unrestricted' Administrator you can see it.. If you are a 'Restricted' Administrator but still have full permissions over everything including PERSCOM you can no longer see the sidebar. I have deleted and recreated groups, assigned full access to PERSCOM etc, however, still cannot see the PAR sidebar unless they are a full 'Unrestricted' Admin, the second you change it to a 'Restricted' Admin but keep them with full permissions on everything the sidebar disappears. I have also
  10. Really like the look of that! We have been looking and developing something similar to that
  11. @Jon Erickson I know IPB 4.5 is currently in Beta, just want to confirm you have plans to make PERSCOM compatible at some point after the release of 4.5? Cheers
  12. Yeah im aware of that.. Im the only person with access to change the Rank order so ill just edit the DB directly if i need to change it 🙂
  13. Yeah when I said the Rank_id column and I actually meant the order column (had been a long day when I posted that!) so I made the sort order become sequential across the categories as a way around.. seems to be working fine. Like I said, however, this was just a special case kind of thing to see if I could get it to work the way we required 🙂
  14. @Jon Erickson so I managed to get around it manually by changing the rank ids to be sequential on the database table. This seems to have fixed the issues, i guess ours was more of a special case. It seems manually assigning the id's to be sequential across the categories also still allowed to promotion system etc to work as normal. I guess what we needed was sorting across all categories.. however, manually doing it wasnt an issue and we rarely change our rank structure so I will just manually change them if ever needed. Thanks anyway dude!
  15. Hello, Decided today to do some reorganisation of our ranks, and ive come across an issue. So before today we had one Rank Group with every rank in the correct order for promotions etc. However, we noticed that the next rank in promotion was not showing correctly for our Air Ranks and Specialist ranks, so as a way around I have separated these into separate groups. In effect I have the following in the AdminCP Order. 1 - All infantry ranks 2 - Aviation Ranks 3 - Specialist Ranks 4 - Other The problem we have is that on the personnel roster is that the ranks do no
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