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  1. Hi Jon, In case this helps anyone else, I have identified a workaround to getting to the "personnel settings" by going to the "Marines" menu option, then updating the `controller=` in the URL to `settings`. I have scanned those settings and ensured that anything mentioning showing someone's email was disabled. I then created a new application with a new user and their email is still being posted in the "New Application" forum post as Ashton described.
  2. Do you have a link to the documentation for this? We verified we are on the most recent version from the Marketplace and did a test application, the email still shows, and I searched all of the application settings in ACP with no mentions of the email in the application, and we have no "settings" under the personnel section of the sidebar. Thank you for following up
  3. Hey Jon, Is there any update on this? We are experiencing the same issues with concerns for publicly scrapable email addresses that are already available on the IPB user account. Thank you
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