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  1. Could you please look into a way for a user to create more than one application for when someone wants multiple personnel files.
  2. I have found this. But this still does not allow a member to fill out another application. So having two Personnel files still isn't possible for me. Am I missing something?
  3. Where is this option located? Added setting to allow forum members to be assigned to multiple personnel files.
  4. Honestly just the option to create multiple accounts would settle this. Everything else I can customize enough to my liking. Also it being implemented with IPS there really isn't a need for an email or email notifications.
  5. Hey, I just want to say this App has so much potential for a larger scale of community usage it's scary. If you were able to alter a few things, this would be a significant player in the many communities. First, this would be an Ideal Character Management solution. The issues right now that I have seen that it doesn't allow me to proceed with Character Management are as follows. You are not able to create multiple accounts(characters) Having the option to apply as many times as you want would settle this issue. Have an Option to customize the application depending on what rank you are applying for. The ability to Change Language files easily. The platform would work for me if I could change Units to Divisions and Combat into Departments. There are also some other things like Soldier to Officer. These two things would make this a practical application and character management solution for a variety of communities. Also is there a way to turn off email registrations? This is a little annoying would rather notifications be sent through IPS. Not a major issue though, just a QOL feature to turn it off.
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