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  1. Alright thanks, I guess I'll be eagerly waiting for their next release.
  2. I'm not exactly sure what the solution is here. I should be reaching out to IPB support to have them replace what file manually? But then they do not manage/have access to the website files for cloud?
  3. Title says it all, looking to give people access to this system to update and build out but do not want them to be website admins to be able to mess with most other stuff. I thought that creating a group titled PERSCOM Administrators and then simply adding people to it will allow them to work on it but it only lets them approve/deny applications... How do I give access to PERSCOM application overall without making users site admin?
  4. The reporting-in function I know about but what I am really talking about is After Action Reporting, Operational Reporting and other elements of a reporting structure. I see the personnel action requests/forms but I am looking for reporting in the form of an application or form submission that can also be tracked, published and measured. Our members and staff alike submit reports after operations, matches or any community activity like the following below. This report used to be in the form of an website based application/form submitted by people who were apart of the activity. I'm asking
  5. Can username be added to this list of options?
  6. While unconventional to most, for smaller units we've been doing some designs for rosters and making it friendlier on the eyes. I am in the process of building out rosters for our members through PERSCOM but was wondering if this was something that could be implemented. Maybe an editor with {username} {enlistment date} and other information to put into a formed templated roster. Here's an example.
  7. Hey all, coming from Enjin which had a strong reporting system our community has been missing an essential function of our military role playing day-to-day. Reporting is 100x more easier than copying and pasting a formatted topic like we do now. I am curious to see if this is in development, an idea already or someone else has a workaround.
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