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  1. The user note system is great especially when hidden from the public. A great administrative tool. When I worked for MLG; we had an amazing personnel control panel for managing our staff. Something I have always wanted to replicate for use in clans/teams. This system is very similar and the user notes system could be modified slightly to incorporate one of the most important systems I feel is missing. The internal affairs. The IA was a place for all audits (essentially notes) on an individual staff member. There were multiple types of audits: Interview, Training, Termination, Promotion, A
  2. We seemed to have fixed the problem. Seems it is a copy error. Which is strange because no custom fields were ever copied. We had several successful submissions prior to this error. Nothing has been added or changed. So, we deleted all fields and started over. Seems to be working fine for now.
  3. Anyone had this error before when new members submitting a new application?
  4. @Ashton- This may be the best help and assistance I have ever been given on anything in my life lol I really appreciate you taking the time to explain that so thoroughly. Thank you so much!
  5. I really would not consider this amazing advice. You basically told me what I already know. We have looked through the .css Any idea which line or container we are looking for? The PERSCOM css looks to be completely independent from that of the skin/template itself. The suggested rank image size of 15x15 is way to small to visually see the difference between them. This can't be the first time this question has come up. Just figured someone could identify the location and line of where to make this change.
  6. We are having a hard time navigating the .css but is there a known way to increase the size of the small rank images on the front of the personnel files page?
  7. Oh okay. I figured that may be the case but since they looked slightly different to me I didn't want to assume. Thank you for answering my obvious question. Cheers!
  8. How can I change the forum avatar associated with each rank being automatically distributed to personnel through the forum integration?
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