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  1. Would it be possible to add a couple more options for the personnel action requests? For say when a request gets approved it goes through this: Submitted --> Approved --> Awaiting Processing --> Processed --> Archived Summitted -->Denied --> Archived Submitted --> On Hold Something like this would be great since with at least my group a request goes through multiple hands before it can get processed. Like say when someone wants to transfer sections certain people must approve prior to it being allowed to happen.
  2. How does one get the operations center to be viewable by all perscom members. When I sign in to a regular members account they are unable to see that tab to be able to report in and also see their report in history as well as personnel action requests.
  3. It would be nice if there was a way to have multiple images and predesignated areas to place said images on a personnel profile. For example. A patch area below where a members rank image is at. As well as how the 3rd ID have a secondary uniform below their demographics as well as being able to have images above and below the entirety of the personnel page.
  4. This legit saved me today... Super easy install as well. Don't have to add anything else into the IPS Board manually.
  5. How exactly do you make these? I am trying to make Air Force uniforms, but I don't really have a starting point...
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