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  1. Hi! Hi! quick question. why doesn't MOS appear as a default field to add as a column in the personnel roster? I had to add it as a custom field in order to show it. I think this could be a very easy and helpfull improvement
  2. awesome! We also have looking for something like that to track our member's attendance
  3. Oks! So, is there any place that you know where I can find logs, or any information about what could be happening? Where should we start looking?
  4. @Jon Erickson Hi! I've created the new account on the solution center. It's the same account email so it should be easy to find. Ready to get the new license thanks!
  5. Great!! Thanks! What's the timeframe to the next version? I'm asking because it would be great to have this issue fixed asap. Mabye release it as a hotfix?
  6. Hi! Every time a soldier is promoted, demoted, reassinged (or any other changed that involves a forum group change) all soldier's secondary groups are removed. This is really bad for us, because both discord and teamspeak groups and permissions are linked to our forum. No logs are generated so I cannot see whats happening. Does anyone has any idea on what could it be the problem? Or where I can find some information about this? Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone! When assinging a soldier to a new combat unit, Is PERSCOM supposed to delete previous user group and then add the new one? If yes, at least at my end is not happening. If not, I think it should do it What do you think?
  8. yes, I understand the complexity. Thanks for your answer By definition, we do not delete any personnel file after discharge. We are interested in keeping a file of all our former members. This comes into direct conflict with the current PERSCOM approach. Probably we are not the only unit with this problem. Is there any other member of PERSCOM community who's facing the same situation? any ideas or workaround that could be implemented to solve this problem?
  9. Hey everyone. Honestly I don't I remember if this feature is planned or not, but PERSCOM needs a way to identify certain status types as "discharged" or "On Leave" As long as the user is discharged or "on leave of abscense", the site admin should be able to apply certain rules like: No promotion eligibilty / positive actvion on discharge / LOA status TIS/TIG count should freeze on discharge / LOA status What do you think? Do you have any other considerations or rules that should apply to these statues? Thanks.
  10. Hey! Nice suggestions! I think calendar and combat record integration is already on the roadmap. However, I've have a question regadring "Reporting In" suggestion. Why do you think is important to be able to accept them?
  11. Yeah, that's what I though. And yes, totally agree, I think that "Timezone" field should be taken out and just leave "Country" to be completed by the user. Thanks for your answer!
  12. Hi! Quick question! Then, why is PERSCOM asking for a timezone (as mandatory field) when the user issue an application? Why PERSCOM does not takes it directly from IPS database? Thanks!
  13. That would be great! Also, i think Invision Community already developed a LMS module that could be usefull.
  14. Yes! Absolutely! Also, I think that promotion and ranks system could be improved a bit. Today, promotion eligibility is designed in a "linear" way, where the soldier can only be promoted to the next rank on the chain of command, but not always is in that way. Sometimes, two ranks could require the same number of promo points, and have other requirements like a certain position, or a course/training completion In my opinion, PERSCOM should have the possibility to add more variables for promotion eligibility
  15. Is Still "Under Review" as far as I know
  16. 5. TIG or/and TES counter should not consider inactive days. (if the user is "AWOL" or "LOA"). This could be achieved if as users, we can stablish an "AWOL / LOA" unit or status (personally I prefer status)
  17. Hi! i'm adding some "small" improvements that I consider as quick wins ("I consider" underlined, they might require more effort) 1. Missing translations in Ops Center "%s was promoted to %s" "%s was discharged." "%s enlisted with the unit. " "%s was awarded the %s. " 2. PERSCOM should Create a Assingment record after beeing moved to "inactive" unit by the activity tracker (this could be maybe an optional feature, not sure if everybody here would like this) 3. Soldier Activity tracker's notification (after reach max days without report in) is not redirecting the user
  18. If It's optional, sounds good for me.
  19. @Jon Erickson I can be a beta tester if you need!
  20. yes! I can confirm is working. maybe something was wrong with the "test" enlistment that I processed
  21. Hi everyone! As I remember, PERSCOM was generating a special service record at the time the recruitment application was processed. Now I don't think that's working. Can anyone verify that? Thank you!
  22. Hey! Going deeper into this initiative, I think it It would be a good idea to have a "Battle / Combat Overview" just to track some basics stats and main topics. For instance; When a combat record is created the admin would be able to complete: Assistants (maybe an auto-generated list with all soldiers who attended) Battle Win/Loose - (Objective complete yes/no) Enemy KIA Friendly casualties Soldier of the match: (?) Commander's word/comments. Or just leave everything as Custom fields So, every time a user visits the Combat record, it will h
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