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  1. It would be really nice to be able to control every aspect of the enlistment form (without having to edit the file). The first few options (Firstname, Lastname, Email, Location) I really don't have much use for.. I have most, if not all of that based on the member record for IPB. Now, if the enlistment application also handled IPB registrations, that would be pretty cool. But I think just making the enlistment application completely separate and 100% customizable is a better solution. Promotion Point Automation: Unless I am a missing something, promotion points have to be manually assigned to the soldier. This means I have to go create another "tracker" to keep track of points from awards, service records, quals etc. It would be nice to be able to assign a point value to those items so the promotion points are awarded accordingly. I know this opens a can of worms. Because some communities will also want the ability to add arbitrary points based on different things. Such as activity or participation in another event etc. But I feel that the things that I can manage in PERSCOM should be all talking to one another.
  2. Very nice and amazing work! That definitely gives the custom fields a great feature!
  3. Oh that is fricken awesome!!! Thanks so, so much! Will that be in the next update? Would it also be possible to allow Table Columns on Custom Fields as well?
  4. I want to force the user to have synced their Discord to their forum account before being able to enlist. Is there a way to change the permissions on who can use the enlistment form? Tried looking at group permissions, application permissions and in PERSCOM and I hope I didn't miss it! Thanks
  5. I am not at the moment. Currently doing some planning and research on what would be the best solution for some automations that we are looking at. Discord bots to pull Record data, ability to whitelist on our Servers from SteamID etc.
  6. Yes, that would be very nice if that was an option for the Table Settings in the soldier view! Was also hoping that the Custom Fields are something that could be leveraged via an API integration. Looking to make some automations based around some of those fields. My use case ( not sure if this helps) is that we have multiple Areas of Operations (Games). So if we had a Custom Field that allows me to sort by that AO then that would be really helpful. Also, a Filtered View would also be really cool!
  7. Maybe I am missing something.. But there doesn't seem a way to leverage the custom fields within the soldier record. I would like to be able to sort soldier record table by custom field attributes for one. We do collect SteamID as a custom field as well.. Would be nice to be able to leverage this in a way that I could use for some automation. Are these surfaced in an API somewhere as a JSON array?
  8. It does serve the purpose of putting dates in for an LOA. Still, a bit of a manual process. Am I missing a step though? ha. I would like for the personnel action to place their status to LOA when it's approved. Seems like we just accept it and then still have to manually go in and change status to LOA. Also, when they "Report In" from LOA.. This should remove the LOA status and place them back on Active Status. I think an easy solution to this would be to include some admin options on the Approval. Where they can approve and then select options for status and combat unit etc. Just throwing out ideas. Probably a non starter to be honest as this might not be helpful for other customers.
  9. I am seeing the custom fields etc.. Let me poke around.. I am sure it's just a lack of effort on my part
  10. Maybe I missed this.. But does that allow for the soldier to submit time periods in which they will be gone? I haven't messed around much with it to be honest.
  11. If you need testers, I am 1000% interested :)
  12. Maybe have the ability for soldiers, to submit LOA Notifications in the personell actions request or commanders corner. All they would need is period of time they will be gone for. It would place them on LOA status (or whatever status created by admin) and will revert them back to normal status (or require soldier to checkin) when their LOA is over.
  13. Any thoughts or plans around making PERSCOM for Xenforo? It's a much better platform and a lot more customize able than IPB. Or even just a standalone product that you can use connectors to many different platforms, WP, XF, VBulletin etc.
  14. I am trying to format the date time on the personnel page. {datetime="$soldier->enlistment_date" dateonly="YES"} I tried to modify that to {datetime="$soldier->enlistment_date->format('d F, Y')"} Which does, in fact change the date, but it changes it to some random date that is not accurate. Like Dec 31, 1969 or something. I would like the enlistment date to be displayed as 00 - Month - Year.
  15. Is it possible to simply point domain to the correct nameservers? Or is it required to transfer the domain?
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