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  1. Awesome! We'll be on standby to install it as soon as possible. Thanks for the work 🙂
  2. Hello, The release notes from 1.3.5 mention that reporting in through the notification was fixed: - Fixed a bug when trying to report in from a notification and not properly updating the soldiers last report in date. However, we are still experiencing those issues. Is there something that we need to change?
  3. Hello @Jon Erickson, Any update/ETA on this hotfix? It's quite crippling as we can no longer approve/deny certain requests because we need to know the reason. I can temporarily provide that information by looking in the database but this causes a lot of overhead for us. If you still need some time we'd need to implement a temporary solution using our custom API module, but it'd be pointless if the hotfix is going live this week.
  4. We have some medals linked to secondary groups to show them on their profile. I had one of our members test and he reported the following reproducible case surrounding uniform uploads: 1. uploaded uniform to soldiers P-File. 2. checked soldiers P-File and award was removed (secondary groups were reset). 3. reassigned secondary groups and completed step 1 and 2 again. Same issue.
  5. We had the same issue on 1.3.2, and now we switched to 1.3.5 and are still having similar issues. On top of promotions/assignments, when a soldier is an administrative position and you upload a new uniform, the secondary roles get wiped. We haven't done any promotions/assignments yet but I assume that this is still an issue then?
  6. Hello, We migrated PERSCOM from 1.3.2 to 1.3.5 this week and now we are unable to open personal action requests through both the front-end and ACP. When going through the front-end (clicking on the notification), it states "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.", when going through ACP it just gives a message "Unable to load personnel action request". It only works when opening my own requests, so I suspect something permission related? Anyone familiar with this issue and how to resolve it? Kind regards, J.Drake
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