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  1. @Jon Erickson we set it to 366 days and now it does show 1 year in the entry. So it is probably just a slight offset causing it.
  2. We set up automated Time In Service messages for people's 1 year anniversaries. However currently it constantly shows "11 months" in the user's service records instead of 12 months or 1 year or 365 days. Did we wrongly configure it for our requirements or is this a bug?
  3. I'm not sure if I got this correctly but I read on a different topic the activity tracker runs on a task that adds TIS/TIG every day. We currently have it set so for example LOA is a separated combat unit. Can the implementation not have a setting where certain combat units are blacklisted from receiving TIS/TIG? We currently have the same issue with both LOA and Retired personnel. Both are defined as "Combat Units" in PERSCOM.
  4. The same can also be done with custom pages/databases from the IPS Pages module.
  5. Thanks for looking into it! Do you know when it will be released? We're currently on 1.4.1 (marketplace) and don't have the option yet.
  6. Understood. Thanks for coming back to us about it. Perhaps if we all create enough support tickets with Invision they'd be more inclined to take a look at it 😄
  7. We used copy to create a new field but instantly got a MySQL error stating that "Column 'personnel_field_x' already exists". Surprisingly the field was added though, so after seeing that error we deleted the field again and created a field from scratch. However because that copied field had a link to the column in perscom_personnel it deleted the original column. We had to partially restore the table from a backup to get back to where we were. Perhaps some defensive programming is required on this section, I suspect adding custom application fields is going to cause the same issue.
  8. Sorry for the extremely late response, we've just started running into it again, and I'd say the system works as indented but the user interface isn't clear at all. When you get the PERSCOM notification for not reporting in for X days, and you click it, it brings you to the operation center. Over there you must now click on a record on top of your report in history to complete reporting in. A lot of users expect to be able to press the "report in" button instead of having to go into their history and find the record with a different text. I'd suggest changing the report in butto
  9. Has anyone been able to test/confirm PERSCOM's compatibility with 4.5? The 4.5 update appears to be mostly visual.
  10. Currently it is only possible to select 1 status for re-enlistment. We would like to have multiple statuses be able to re-enlist. I don't think it'd be a huge change?
  11. @Jon Erickson a mix of databases, pages, and our custom third infantry division application that provides a couple of API endpoints. I have only been working with invision for 2-3 months now and the documentation is so poor that I couldn't really figure out how to encapsulate it all into an application.
  12. @Jon Erickson we would also love to see a TIG freeze for configurable combat units or statuses. IE if a soldier is assigned LOA/AWOL or other configurable status, OR a certain combat unit (like in the activity tracker) the TIG calculation is frozen.
  13. At the third infantry division we implemented our own attendance tracker integrated into after action reports. You can create Operations, then link Missions (WARNORD/OPORD) to an operation, and leadership is required to write an AAR. An AAR includes the attendance. Then an attendance sheet can be created to inspect unit-wide attendance. Our next step is to integrate automated messages to the soldier's supervisor when minimum requirements aren't met. Took a little bit to set up but PERSCOM already has all the REST API endpoints to have something like this, you just need to
  14. Awesome! We'll be on standby to install it as soon as possible. Thanks for the work 🙂
  15. Hello, The release notes from 1.3.5 mention that reporting in through the notification was fixed: - Fixed a bug when trying to report in from a notification and not properly updating the soldiers last report in date. However, we are still experiencing those issues. Is there something that we need to change?
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