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  1. @Jon Erickson Negative Sir...just tried to upload a new version from the applications page. I selected the 1.3.1 .tar file and during update received that error. Should I be initiating the update from another location?
  2. @Jon Erickson Getting an error on install....any idea?
  3. @Jon Erickson - Is there a line of code we can comment out right now to fix the double profile pic on unread feed for the time being until you guys get a fix?
  4. Thank you for that. I was looking in groups. I found it.
  5. @Jon Erickson I am not seeing that menu. Where is that personnel selection at?
  6. Where is the setting within the ACP to allow a group to manage promotion points? I have looked all around and have been unable to find it. Per the change log it is a permission we must allow.
  7. You can disregard the above post about display names. It was theme related that was using different class names.
  8. @Jon Erickson Also, I have noticed that with the PERSCOM application enabled, our display names are not shown above our profile pictures. Somewhere it is pulling our rank profile pictures but not pulling our names and MOS. See below: PERSCOM Application disabled: PERSCOM Application enabled:
  9. Upon updating both IPB and PERSCOM this weekend, I now have double profile pictures when looking at the unread content page. When I disable PERSCOM from the applications menu in the ACP it goes away. I looked for the PERSCOM forum integration plug in and it was disabled. I thought this may be the issue but when that gets enabled, the profile picture is still doubled on the unread content page and the profile picture breaks everywhere else. Forum Integration Plugin disabled and on unread content screen: Forum Integration Plugin enabled and on a topic ( profile p
  10. I'd really like the ability to custom-make the PERSCOM menu. In the Menu Manager, being able to select the relevant modules we want to be able to link to. This will allow some customization, as well as changes to fit different themes.
  11. I believe IPB 4 requires PHP 7, but just minimum 7.0. PERSCOM previously worked with 7.0 - which is what I was on - but with the update to the new 1.2 using IonCube it requires 7.1.
  12. So I did find the error.log, but it was /etc/php. This line: Wed Jan 30 07:07:30.768521 2019] [:error] [pid 3573] [client] PHP Fatal error: <br/>The file <b>/var/www/html/applications/perscom/Application.php</b> was encoded with the Encoder for PHP 7.1 and can only run on PHP 7.1 or later.<br/> If you are the administrator of this site then please upgrade to PHP 7.1 or later and install the corresponding ionCube Loader. in Unknown on line 0 showed me that I had missed in the new requirements list that PHP 7.1 was required. This wasn't in the
  13. Yeah my OP was super bad, I was either hoping the team had seen it before and knew I missed something installing IonCube, or a post like your pointing me in a place to start There's no error.log so I probably don't have PHP error logging enabled. I figure out how to get that turned on and post it here.
  14. I have upgraded my PERSCOM to 1.2.0, and as dictated in this topic I have installed IonCube. I have verified it's working using phpinfo(), running version 10.3.2. However after upgrading to 1.2.0, when the PERSCOM folder is in my applications folder, the entire IPB suite stops working with an HTTP 500 error.
  15. Unfortunately this did not work. Following the suggestion above I did verify the resources are in the theme.
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